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You’re looking for a space to work and grow. A community of like-minds, an exclusive invitation to expand what you’ve started. But what to do, who to talk to, and where to start? At Shared, you’ve already arrived: We’re your new home for work.

If you need a meeting room or shared workspace, these guys are your go to… Affordable, and parking is a breeze!

I needed a desk in town for a few days. The hot-desk system was really simple to book, and the space was amazing. It’s now my go to space when I need to get out of my home office for a while.

We were looking for a professional space with well equipped meeting rooms for our AGM. Shared Workspaces fit the bill perfectly. Central location. Easy access. Would highly recommend.

Don’t Work From Home

It’s Better When You Share

Onsite community manager

Questions, queries, looking to bounce an idea? Our onsite community manager is here to help!

Meeting and boardroom hire

Because sometimes, multiple minds are better than one. Meeting and boardrooms for co-collaboration.

Essential fuel on tap

You’re here for busy days and bold ideas. But first… coffee. Enjoy complimentary tea and coffee, (and maybe meet your next business partner) in the communal kitchen. 

Exclusive events and workshops

Did someone say networking? Whether you’re looking to meet likeminds or ready to level up, our member-exclusive events and workshops are a hot-bed for opportunity.

Get Online

High-speed internet access


Because nothing says super serious business like a hardcopy pitch deck.

Join the community

Book a tour

Trade an awkward zoom-wave for a handshake. Just make sure you exit through the gift-shop.*

*There’s not actually a gift shop.

Book a day

Come for the snacks, stay for the day. Get a real feel for what we have to offer, and how Shared can work for you.

Join the community

Looking for perks in all the right places? Join a community of like-minds to access exclusive member offers, networking invitations, and a host of extras.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Because the backbone of every bright idea and business venture is who you know.

An essential ethos of Shared is providing our members with opportunities to be in the right place, at the right time. Your next great opportunity is a handshake (or a sterile high-five) away.

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